Historic Motorsport Restoration Preparation & Fabrication

1926 Frazer Nash

Chassis No. 1084
Engine No. AE 4726
Horstman type Anzani engine
PF 1212

1926 Frazer Nash

PF1212 arrived with us in boxes. The car had had a modified body fitted in 1952 which had been lowered and the car had also been fitted with Bugatti brakes. It was then heavily crashed. It is believed that, as a result of that crash, it was stripped and has remained so until delivered to us. Whilst some of the required straightening had been carried out, we restored the chassis to a good useable condition and set about refurbishing as many of the original parts as possible to build the car into a rolling chassis.

The car was supplied new with a Horstman type touring Anzani engine from approximately 1922. It should be noted that the standard Anzani engine as fitted to the Horstman car of 1923 developed a whole 30 bhp at 3200 rpm.

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