Historic Motorsport Restoration Preparation & Fabrication

Car Restoration Services


Hardy Hall Restorations’ prime activity is historic race car restoration. Sound engineering practices and very close attention to detail produce fast, reliable race cars of race winning quality. We can undertake any project from partial repairs to full, sympathetic bare metal rebuild (whilst) maintaining originality.

Race preparation

We can prepare your sports or racing car for any level of historic motor sport. We can offer a simple mid-season checkover through to a last nut and bolt thorough race car service. We can advise on and fit safety equipment or uprate your car to competition spec. Our experience in troubleshooting and preventative maintenance can allow you to enjoy a full season of racing with reliability.


Hardy Hall Restorations offer full machining and engineering services. We can design, construct and produce one-off parts or short production runs. Our experience enables us to design solutions for the inevitable problems that arise when restoring or modifying historic racing cars. Original parts can be crack checked for structural integrity before being renovated as necessary. We have currently designed and made over 250 one-off parts to date and supply the Frazer Nash Club with front axles which are made in house.

Chassis and suspension

We specialise in chassis work and suspension set-up. Both spaceframe and ladder type chassis can be manufactured, repaired or modified on our 3m x .85m (10ft x 3ft 6”) jig bench. Pick-up points and suspension parameters are then checked and modified as necessary. We have successfully repaired and straightened C6 Amilcar, Cooper Monaco,  Maserati 250F, Elva Mk 7, Formula 5000 Lola and Can-Am McLaren as well as MG, Nike, Kincraft and several Lotus and Frazer Nash Chassis. Final suspension set-up is carried out utilising a set-up patch and electronic corner weight scales.

Fabrication and Welding

Our comprehensive fabricating facilities comprise 1.25m box and pan folder and guillotines for sheet metalwork as well as grinders, presses and tube manipulators. Welding facilities include TIG, MIG, gas, arc, nickel bronze and silver soldering. Items produced or reproduced in-house include roll hoops, wishbones, tanks, fairings, chassis parts, exhausts and silencers.


We offer a full engine rebuild service as well as mid-season checks and tuning. Close scrutiny of parts and and systems helps to improve longevity and reliability in racing engines. We are happy to liaise with a customer’s chosen race engine supplier.

Axles and gearboxes

We can check, rebuild or recommision your axle and gearbox whether they are standard items or full race transaxles. Crown wheel and pinion ratios and full gearsets can be replaced. Open and locking differentials can be set-up and modified as required. We have rebuilt Alfa Romeo, Ferrari and Maserati transaxles as well as the full range of Hewland racing gearboxes. We frequently rebuild Frazer Nash bevel boxes, replacing bearings, seals and gearsets as necessary.

Bodywork and Paint

We have the capacity to renovate and repair both fibreglass and aluminium bodywork and to fabricate individual panels, undertrays and fairings. Chassis frames and components are painted or powder coated to the desired finish. Bodywork and associated panels are painted to a finish compatible with intended use and customers’ wishes.

Frazer Nash

We  have been lucky enough to have had the opportunity of working on a broad variety of ‘Nashes from Archie’s 1925 car and demonstrator through to the Archive’s own 1949 Frazer Nash Cabriolet. We have rebuilt many chain-gang cars over the years and have become adept at bevel box rebuilds. We also supply the Club with front axles manufactured in house.

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